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Basket Caskets & Coffins are artisan crafted, natural, handwoven caskets made of biodegradable materials such as wicker, bamboo or banana leaf. Colors are made by natural vegetable dyes.

Banana Casket (Cerise)

Basket Casket

Banana caskets are manufactured in Indonesia where banana leaves are an abundant resource discarded by the agricultural industry. Banana sheaves come from the trunk of the plant and peel off (or shed) naturally each year. Both the leaves and sheaves are collected and woven into ropes. Natural plant dyes are used for pigmenting banana caskets.

The Funeral Rule

Under a U.S. federal law, 16 CFR Part 435 (known as the Funeral Rule), if a family provides a casket they purchased elsewhere, the establishment is required to accept the casket and use it in the services. If the casket is delivered direct to the funeral home from the manufacturer or store, they are required to accept delivery of the casket. The funeral home may not add any extra charges or fees to the overall bill if a family decides to purchase a casket elsewhere. Read More at the FTC's website.